Breaking Ground

Excited for 2011?  We sure are!  In honor of the upcoming season, we want to give you a sneak peak at our awesome crew starting ground work on the field for the 2011 Season!  We spoke with Head Groundskeeper Greg Elliott about preparing the field, here’s what he had to say:

SFGS: How long does field preparation take leading up to Opening Day?

GE: On average it takes about a month to prepare the field.  This varies each year depending on what state the field is in.  But the grounds crew is continually adjusting and modifying the field each year all year long to keep a consistent playing surface.


SFGS: On average, what are the steps you take in preparing the field?  What comes first, middle, last?

GE: On average…

1.       Install the game mound

2.       Surveyor surveys the field/Infield is mixed

3.       Lay sod/grow the current sod

4.       Play Ball J


SFGS: When will the field be officially ready?

GE: April 8th, Opening Day is the benchmark


SFGS: Any new features we should look out for?

GE: Yes! Make sure to check out the Giants newly installed warning track.  It’s specifically designed for the Giants.


SFGS: Any lawn care hints or tips to give the Giants Fan gardener enthusiasts out there?

GE: Use sustainable products.  Build your soil & the plant will respond.


As you can see, a lot of preparation is put in to making the field great.  Speaking of, what are you doing to prepare for 2011 Giants baseball?

Breaking Ground.jpg

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