The Orange and Black Attack is now on SF GiantScoop!

On behalf of your promotions team, the Orange and Black

Attack, I would like to say how happy we are to be a part of the SF GiantScoop!
Through this blog, the Orange and Black Attack will keep you updated on all the
fun happenings of your promotions team in both AT&T Ballpark and  all
around the San Francisco Bay Area.

While this blog will let us reach out to you, treat
our blog as a way to interact with us as well.  We are the promotions team
for your San Francisco Giants, so we want to hear from you! If anything is ever
on your mind, make sure to post in the comments section to make your voice

The Orange and Black Attack is extremely excited to get this
season underway and to bring you as much online content that we can. Make sure
to keep checking this page so you don’t miss anything from your promotions team
to you and all the other fans of your 2010 World Series Champion San Francisco

Also, to learn more about the team, check out to read quick bios and fun facts about each member.

Mike Heimowitz

SF Giants Marketing and Entertainment Coordinator



    Whose ready to watch our boys defend their world championship? (I am) Can’t wait to be a part of the Orange&Black Attack!!

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