July 2010


I have a sweet treat for anyone interested in getting in on some batting practice action for today’s game.  The Giants are streaming BP live on the internet as well as player interviews AND to top it all off; we’re answering questions that fan’s submitted via twitter!  So whether you’re in your PJ’s at home, at work counting down the minutes ’til the weekend, or wherever you are, you can watch BP live at AT&T Park/read Fan QnA via Twitter on your computer!  And while you’re there feel free to share your thoughts via Twitter!

Check out SFGiants.com for the live BP and twitter.com/sfgiants for fan QnA!

Happy Friday, Beat LA and GO GIANTS!

P.S.  If you’re at the game tonight or in or around the ballpark, look for the SFGProductions Camera Crew at Willie Mays Plaza between 6-7pm.  They’re shooting an “It’s Magic Inside” commercial and are looking for enthusiastic Giants fans!

Golden Tee

When you think of the Giants Clubhouse, you think; lockers, jerseys, bats, balls, etc., but did you know there’s an old school arcade style video game tucked away in the Giants Clubhouse? That’s right, the game Golden Tee was added to the Giants Clubhouse a few years back and has been a popular outlet for players to bond, unwind and relax.


It’s unknown who the top Golden Tee Champ is within the team, but as you can see from the leaderboard, there is some serious competition going on.    Have you ever played Golden Tee?  If so what’s your highest score?