Sing a Song!

Hey Fans, guess what!  Auditions are being held at AT&T Park this very moment for American Idol.  Registration is closed, but check out these pictures I took of the hopefuls, Production crew, Seacrest and Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe!  Are you a fan of AI?  If so, who is your favorite past winner?  Mine has to be Carrie Underwood, gotta love the song “Before He Cheats”.  Also, you can’t go wrong with Kelly Clarkson either, she can definitely belt it out!  Are you’re a fan of the crazy/kooky auditions?  Who is most memorable?  Do you remember dropout Berkley Student William Hung who made the song “She Bangs” popular again, or General Larry Platt who coined the hit tune “Pants on the Ground” in last year’s season?  And who can’t forget Adam Lambert who auditioned in San Francisco and was runner up in last year’s competition.  You never know, maybe this season’s (Seacrect voice) NEXT AMERICAN IDOL could come from San Francisco!




























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I So Cant Wait Till January To See The Auditions…My Fave AI Winner Has To Be David Cook!!!

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